2016 Master of the Ocean

2016 Master of the Ocean

Last Year Master of the Ocean Event

If the main reason you travel is to catch some sick waves, you’re not alone. February is one of the best months for surfing on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, and the beaches surrounding Cabarete consistently gets blessed with beautiful swell this time of year. The rest of the world is catching on too, and for the last five years, Cabarete has been home to the elite Master of the Ocean competition. This year, the event takes place from Feb 23-28th at Playa Encuentro, just five minutes outside of town.

Master of the Ocean (MOTO) is a water sports event which is unique for combining the disciplines of surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and stand up paddle boarding. The event attracts professionals from all corners of the globe. The winner of the event is crowned the ‘Master of the Ocean’ for their command of all four challenging water sports. Both men and women compete in the multi-event five day competition. Thanks to world class waves for surfing and almost clockwork like trade winds that start blowing around noon, Cabarete has the ideal conditions for MOTO’s multidisciplinary competition: great waves, warm water, amazing weather and strong winds! Best of all, compared to the crowded surf spots in Hawaii and Indonesia that are overrun with scads of hopeful surfers vying for a wave, Cabarete is virtually undiscovered!

Zane Schweitzer 2014-15 Master of the Ocean

For visitors to Cabarete, Master of the Ocean is a spectator’s dream: skilled athletes from around the world competing in the most exciting and thrilling water sports. Playa Encuentro is where you can catch all the action- it is an approximate 5 minute drive from Cabarete towards Sosua, so it is easy for visitors to swing by and watch the competitors. There are plenty of nice spots to sit in the shade and observe the athletic feats and there is even a little beach bar that sells coffee, smoothies, fresh juice, beer and snacks, so you can count on some tasty refreshments. If watching bronzed athletes show off their skills is right up your alley, check out MOTO’s Facebook page for event details. Last year, Cabarete was home to teams from Brazil, Scandinavia, Hawaii, USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Germany and Barbados to name a few, so you may even have the chance to cheer on your home team!

If you are more interested in nightlife than water sports, you’re in luck as well! During the five days of competition, there will be special events, live music and tons of parties taking place at the beach, and in the town of Cabarete. According to the MOTO website, ‘the festivities culminate on February 27—Dominican Independence Day—with an awards ceremony and pure Caribbean partying for athletes, sponsors, media and guests.’ What could possibly be better than shakin’ what your mama gave ya at a Caribbean party on Dominican Independence day? Nothing! Dominicans really know how to have a fun time, and on Independence day the town absolutely goes OFF with party-goers and loud music. The beach in Cabarete is packed with locals and tourists, wandering from place to place and enjoying a few drinks. The gas station, pool hall, beach bars and entire main street of Cabarete will be teeming with people dancing and listening to blaring Bachata and Salsa music. The dancing normally gets going around 11pm, so if learning a new dance is on your vacation bucket list, this is the perfect opportunity to get swept into an impromptu bachata lesson.

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