Places to Buy Swimwear in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Places to Buy Swimwear in Cabarete

Where to find Local Swimwear from the Dominican Republic

Sorry Guys, this post is for the ladies. Although packing for a vacation in the Dominican Republic may already include several bikinis in your luggage, there’s nothing more fun than taking home styles you can only find here. Cabarete is headquarters for several bikini companies that are either made or sold here in Dominican Republic. Learn about places to buy swimwear in Cabarete and a little about the locally made bikini brands to look for while you’re here.

Beach Box Boutique

We’ll start the list of with the Beach Box Boutique because it’s the closest to Villa Taina. Located in the alleyway between the BHD Bank and Pomodoro Pizza and Pasta, the Beach Box Boutique sells bohemian inspired bikinis, cover ups, and clothing. We like this store because the French owner personally chooses each item in the inventory and does not get lots of stock of each piece. It’s unlikely you’ll run into someone wearing the same thing in Cabarete.

Bead It Cabarete

Across the street from the same alleyway is Bead It, a souvenir store that sells the first local bikini company we’re going to detail. One of the creators of Bikini Empire has made Cabarete her home base so these pieces are sold either online or here in town. Ethically made in a solar powered factory in Vancouver, Canada these luxury swimsuits are worth looking for. Bead it also sells bikinis from other companies as well as souvenirs to take home.

Carib Wind Cabarete

The only super store for beach apparel  for men, women, and children and gear is Carib Wind, also known as Bic Center. Here you can find all the usual beach brands like Quiksilver, Hurley, and  Reef, but we like it because it’s the only place in Cabarete that sells IMSY Swimwear. IMSY is made in Dominican Republic especially for girls into water sports. We like IMSY because these bikinis look good and stay on in the waves. You can purchase these online and ship to the USA but why wait when you can find their collection here?!

The LAX Sunday Market

The last place on our list is not a place but an event that happens every Sunday at LAX Ojo Restaurant. The Sunday market is where the artisans of Cabarete gather to sell their handmade or uniquely designed goods. You can find baked goods, soaps, oils, shoes from recycled tires and most importantly bikinis. Some of the locally owned bikini companies to look for are Saltwater Swimwear and Pearlkini. Both of these companies design sexy and stylish pieces made to stay on in the water. What can we say? Women in Cabarete tend to be active.

We like to encourage visitors to support local brands and businesses. Let us know your favorite places to shop for bikinis in the comments. 

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