Cabarete Es Un Carnaval 2016


Well, it is that time of year again: Cabarete Carnaval is just around the corner. Last year was a huge success thanks to all the participants that showed up in costumes and ready to party. The beach was overflowing with brightly colored masks, feathers, elaborate headpieces, face paint and all manner of outrageous get-ups. In case you missed the last one, be prepared: Cabarete Carnaval is all about the spectacle and the beach comes alive with activity and color! The parade takes place on Cabarete Beach (ending up at Villa Taina) March 19th, so mark it on your calendar, and let the countdown begin!

So what is Cabarete Carnaval? Well first and foremost, it is an excuse to HAVE FUN! But According to, “Carnival is the most significant, lively, colorful and joyous expression of Dominican popular culture you will find.” It happens every Sunday in different cities in the Domincan Republic throughout the month of February. The Cabarete Carnaval is a little different in that it happens in March and is much better suited for families. In some of the more popular Carnaval locations, such as La Vega, things can get a little wild. But the creators of the Cabarete event go to great lengths to ensure our parade and after party is a lot more tranquilo.

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Photos by Josh Messer

Carnaval is an outstanding opportunity to mingle with festival goers, meet new friends, and dance with your feet in the sand. Villa Taina will be offering a refreshment station for spectators and participants, so there is no fear of going thirsty. What more could you ask for? There will be live music, dancing and a whole lot of photo taking and socializing. Oh, and charge up your iPhone because every shot you take will be Instagram-worthy.

Don’t be surprised if you get dragged along with the bustling crowd to the numerous after parties happenin’ all over town and on the beach. All the hotspots will be bumpin’ with Caribbean beats and brimming with celebration. So, whether your idea of night out is wearing a feather boa and dancing under the stars with a mojito in your hand, or quietly taking in the action from a safe distance, Carnaval is sure to capture your imagination!

If you want to enjoy all of the fun, do make sure you show up on time- the event starts at 8pm sharp and the beach fills up quickly! We look forward to seeing you there!

Event Summary
8pm until …whenever (so Cabarete)
Saturday March 19, 2016
Eze Bar to Villa Taina
Live Music after parade in the center of Cabarete