Video Compilation: Cabarete Flow

Everyone loves videos, so we thought it would be a good idea to gather some recent videos that represent the “flow” of Cabarete. We hope they either help you plan a trip here, bring back good memories of the time you spent here, or make you extremely jealous of our lifestyle 🙂 Just kidding on the last part. Sort of.


This first video documents the 4th annual Pauhana Surf Contest that happened recently on Encuentro Beach, our local surf beach. Pauhana Surf School has been around forever and they do a really nice job of providing instruction and board rentals. They have become very well known for surf camps for the kiddies, but they take care of the grown-ups just as well. So, when they put on an event everyone (and we mean everyone) shows up! This contest was done over the course of 2 days with kids from 5 years old all the way up to 50 years old. We love this video because it does a most excellent job of capturing the spirit of surfing at Playa Encuentro.


This next video was put together by one of Cabarete’s favorite ex-pats, Oron Kessel. Shot on the reef of Kite Beach, Oron does an excellent job of towing the viewer on his strapless kiteboard as he frolics about in the waters of Cabarete. Along the way, he scores some big jumps, encounters a few friends, and ends up with a nice little crash. The video perfectly sums up a days play in Cabarete, Dominican Republic!


Our final pick might be our favorite because the video showcases adventures and good vibes from all around the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.  The journey commences in Cabarete, but then travels to Paradise Island in Punta Rucia for a little snorkeling, then on a boat ride through the mangroves of  Montecristi, back to the big bay of Cabarete for some kitesurfing, and ends atop Mount Isabela de Torres in Puerto Plata via the Teleferico. Although we don’t personally know we would like to take some time to thank her for showing what the North Coast is all about (insert golf clap here)!

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