Cabarete Formula Kite 2021

The Cabarete Formula Kite 2021 is going to be the event of the year. Find out why …

Blessed with consistent trade winds 330 days a year, Cabarete is touted as one of the best wind sports destinations in the world. It’s this glowing reputation which has led this quaint beach town to host some of the most prestigious watersports events, including the World Kite League, Master Of The Ocean, PKRA and the PWA World Windsurfing Tour. This year will add another event to the already impressive list, as the 2021 Formula Kite Championships are coming to Cabarete August 16th!

Kite Foil Racing

Kite foil racing has become one of the fastest growing and exhilarating disciplines to not only take part in, but also spectate. Traditional kite racing always used race boards which looked like wide surfboards with a large centre fin, but as hydro foiling became increasingly popular, the racing scene switched. The combination of the highly efficient hydrofoils and lightweight foil kites has taken the sport to new heights and is the second fastest sailing craft around a course, sitting just behind the America’s Cup Boats. In fact, the current kite foil record holder hit speeds of 57.97 knots (66.66 mph). In turn, this has led kite foil racing to the world stage where it has now been added to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. This will be the very first time that any kitesurfing discipline will be featured in the Olympics!
The race itself consists of a course clearly marked by large buoys, with which the competitors are required to complete a certain number of times. The goal is to outperform the other competitors by using both speed and tactics to win the race.

The Event

Taking place from the 16th to the 22nd of August, the event will bring together the world’s best kite foil racers and as it is fully endorsed by the International Formula Kite Association, the race results will play into the 2021 global rankings.
Racers can register and find the notice of race in:

The best part is the event will take place right on our doorstep! The race take place in Cabarete Bay, right in front of Hotel Villa Taina and we’re proud to be hosting and providing amenities to the committee, judges, race team and athletes. See the event program below.

The Competitors

This world ranking event is going to bring together the best athletes from all corners of the globe. However, we don’t have to look that far to find some of the world’s best, as Cabarete is home to a number of them! Our local contenders include Youth Olympic Gold Medalist Adeuri Corniel, Robinson Hilario, Aryen Gonzalez and international athlete Kirstyn O’Brien.
Who are your local favorites you think should race? Give them a nudge and tag them in the comments below.


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