Cabarete Icons: Pedro The Coconut Man

A trip to Cabarete beach just isn’t the same without hearing Pedro the Coconut Man. Who is Pedro you ask? Well if you’ve ever bought a fresh coconut while chillin’ out on Cab beach, chances are it was from Pedro. A true legend of Cabarete, this friendly and exuberant gentlemen can be recognized by his loud call of “COOOCOOONUTTTTTTTTTSSSS!!!” It’s no secret that we adore coconuts: in this climate there really is no better healthy treat than a fresh coconut, cracked open with a machete. They are chocked full of vitamins and minerals, and replenish electrolytes after exercise. Not to mention, they are crazy delicious, and grow everywhere! Watching cute Dominican kids on the beach climb coconut palms is impressive and also makes us feel incredibly uncoordinated. We needed to know more about Pedro the Cabarete beach icon who has kept up hydrated over the years, so we found Pedro, sat down with him and asked a few questions!

VT: Hi Pedro!

Pedro: *smiles* Would you like a coconut?

VT: YES!! 2 please. How long have you been in Cabarete selling coconuts?

Pedro: *pulls out the coconuts and starts using the machete to open them* I have been on the north coast for my entire life- I came to Cabarete 20 years ago, and I started selling coconuts right away. My family is from Nagua, and I knew that I could make money working in Cabarete.

VT: Did you grow up in Nagua?

Pedro: Yes! We were very poor- I come from a large family. I used to pick bananas and sell them for 2 pesos. Things are better now- my family is here, and there is lots of work.

VT: How do you remember Cabarete back in the day?

Pedro: Cabarete used to just be tiny town. Just a few houses, fishermen. No hotels, nothing. I remember when the windsurfers started coming, we couldn’t believe it! (Laughs) It’s much different now, but we are happy. More tourists means better infrastructure. All my grandchildren are going to school and getting a good education.

VT: We have to know. How many coconuts do you drink in a day?

Pedro: Hahahaah! It depends! The coconut is a perfect food, it has sugar and fat, and it keeps me hydrated working in the sun all day. Sometimes I lose count.

VT: What is your favorite part about Cabarete?

Pedro: The people! This is my country, and I love it. I have lived here my whole life, but I know enough about the world to understand that we have something special here. Everyone is always laughing and smiling, and we get to spend a lot of time with our family. Life is simple. As long as I have a roof over my head and my family around me, not much else matters.

VT: Wow. I think the world really could learn a thing or two from you Pedro.

Pedro: *smiles*

VT: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Pedro: *hands us the coconuts* Probably New York City! There are a lot of Dominicans there, including some of my family. I would love to see snow just once.

VT: Well it’s time to drink this coconut and relax on the beach. Thanks for talking with us Pedro!

Pedro: De nada!

Hopefully you will all get a chance to meet Pedro the coconut man. He truly is a icon of Cabarete, and a day a the beach wouldn’t be the same without hearing him yelling ‘CoCOOOOOnUUUUTSSSSS!!!!!’

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