Cabarete is Getting Lifeguard Towers


Carnival Cruise Line’s $85 million Amber Cove is the largest cruise industry investment ever for the Dominican Republic! Ships from six of Carnival Corp.’s nine brands will call on Amber Cove between 2015 and 2016. These ships are expected carry an estimated 100,000 tourist to the North Coast of the Dominican Republic in its first year. This includes 2000 do-good tourist per week cruising for a cause on Fathom, the company’s new “Impact Travel” brand.

Cabarete’s new stoplight

As any seasoned cruiser knows, in addition to the many on-board scheduled events, there is always an array of off-ship excursions that allow you to stretch your legs a bit and “lunch on Cabarete Beach” is on the menu for the guests of Amber Cove. The fact that thousands of tourists will have a chance to experience the awesomeness of our tiny beach town has gotten a few people around Cabarete very excited! So, excited that Cabarete has recently been doled out several CCTV cameras, a new police force, a traffic light…and lifeguard towers are up next on the list.

Today, the organizers of the lifeguard towers announced rough details and a rendering of the proposed towers (pictured above). They are slated to be equipped with LED flood lights to light up the beach at night to make it safe for people to walk the beach as well as CCTV camera system for 24hr surveillance. Lifeguards will be on duty from 7am-7pm daily. According to Leon Alter, the Canadian mastermind behind some of the aforementioned safety and security projects, “We want to send a clear signal to the world that here in Cabarete we take everyone’s safety and security to heart.”

Right now, the details of the aesthetics and functionality are still being sorted out. According to Project Manager Charles Osterlund, “Cabarete is slowly changing and modernizing.” The idea for the towers is to combine safety and beauty, with safety being of top priority, of course! Jakob Brockmans Diaz, lead architect on the project says of the design, “I think we have to do something unique so that when people get to Cabarete they say ‘these people have a personality, they have something different and modern.’ We are not staying in the past, but moving forward and staying innovative.”

The team is hoping to have the towers standing proud by October 6th 2015, the date when the first cruise ship is set to arrive in Puerto Plata. In order to do that, they will rely on contributions from local businesses and residents, because although the Mayor of Cabarete and the Ministry of Tourism is backing the project, there is not enough money in the town budget to pull it off alone. So, if you are interested in lending a helping hand or want more info on the project, email Charles Osterlund at

Big thanks to Leon and his crew for having the courage and resourcefulness to pull off some of these projects! Big thanks to Charles for taking charge of the safety in the water! This is getting very exciting!

Let us know what you think of the lifeguard tower design in the comments.

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