Souvenirs To Bring Back From Your Cabarete Vacation

Souvenirs To Bring Back From Your Cabarete Vacation

What to buy and where to find it

Larimar Jewelry of The Dominican Republic

Photo Courtesy of our on-site jewelry store Yocahu

The Dominican Republic has many unique products that will impress your friends and family more than the pictures you post. Our list details some of the best of what Dominican Republic has to offer so you know exactly which souveniers to bring back from your Cabarete vacation.

1- Dominican Cacao

The first on our list is Cacao. Did you know Dominican Republic is one of the top 10 major producers and exporters of cacao in the world? This means some of the best chocolate you’ve eaten in your life probably came from cacao grown in Dominican Republic. Though the chocolate here isn’t the best, the cacao beans you can buy from street vendors and local shops are much better than what you’ll find in specialty stores back home. You can buy cacao beans from Fresh Fresh Cabarete, Cabarete Coffee Company, and from the cacao man. If you come across him and his bucket of goodies make sure you load up!

2- Dominican Coffee

Coffee is a great gift to bring back from vacation. Especially for java lovers who will enjoy tasting something different from their daily cup of joe. Coffee tastes different from different places because the plant takes in the aroma of neighboring plants. The most popular coffee brand in Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo Coffee. Most restaurants and households, every market and all the airports will only have this coffee to offer. However, exclusively in the North Coast of Dominican Republic you can find Cafe Monte Real. This shade grown coffee grows near cacao plantations. In short, when you open a bag of Cafe Monte Real coffee, it smells like chocolate! You can find Cafe Monte Real or Santo Domingo coffee in Janet’s Supermarket.

3- Dominican Larimar

We didn’t have to say “Dominican” Larimar because it’s a stone that is only found in this country. Discovered in 1916, the stone was named in 1974 by Miguel Mendez who rediscovered it. He used his daughter’s name Larissa and mar meaning ocean because of it’s blue color. Our jewelry store Yocahu sells gorgeous one of a kind handcrafted larimar jewelry. Larimar is found in one mountain in the province of Barahona, the south of Dominican Republic. Read more about larimar in our blog post all about it here.

4- Honey

Similar to coffee, honey is unique to an area and should be brought home after you Cabarete vacation. The Honey Company in Cabarete specializes in different varieties of honey. They have pinon, mango, avocado, and passion fruit honeys to name a few. These honeys aren’t infused with artificial flavors, they’re harvested from bees that pollinate mostly these fruit flowers so the honey has a special flavor to it.

5- Batata Jam

Batata or Japanese sweet potato is a must try during your Cabarete vacation. In any supermarket you will find jams or jellies, but you’ll find the flavors to be different than what you’ll find at home. Instead of grape or strawberry you’ll find guava, passion fruit, and batata. One brand we can recommend is the Bon brand, sold in most markets and definitely in Janet’s Supermarket and La Rosa Market in town.

6- Rum of course!

It’s a well known fact that Dominican Republic specializes in exporting rum. You can buy specialty rums sold only here like Brugal XV, aged 15 years. If you really want something truly Dominican you should bring home some Mamajuana. Making mamajuana is a process we won’t get into now, but you can buy the wood and spices needed for making it in most gift shops in town. Our favorite brand of ready made mamajuana comes from the north coast and is called Kalembu. You can buy this at Janet’s Supermarket in Cabarete.

When we thought of what to take home from your Cabarete vacation, we suggested what is unique to the Dominican Republic. Of course other souvenirs and beach towels are fun as well so make sure you visit the gift shops to see if anything else strikes your fancy.

Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments.

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