Cabarete Icons: Marcus Bohm

Cabarete, Dominican Republic, situated on the north coast of the country, is a charming little beach town bursting with a mix of interesting locals and transplants alike. For our hotel’s 20th anniversary, we have been highlighting some of Cabarete’s most beloved characters in a series called Cabarete Icons. There is one waterman in particular that … Continue reading “Cabarete Icons: Marcus Bohm”

Cabarete Icons: Franzi Fix

Cabarete, Dominican Republic, renowned for its world-famous kiteboarding and surf conditions, initially found its way on the adventure map thanks to windsurfing. According to some, a Canadian windsurfer named Jean Laporte happened upon Cabarete and was astonished by the consistent trade winds. Word spread rapidly from there and before anyone knew it, Cabarete was touted … Continue reading “Cabarete Icons: Franzi Fix”

Cabarete Icons: Pedro Fernandez

Cabarete, Dominican Republic has been long renowned for its ideal wind conditions. However, we also receive a consistent Atlantic swell, providing waves roughly 350 days a year! These world-class waves attract surfers from all over the globe to this charming little town on the north coast. Despite Cabarete’s small size, it is bursting with incredibly … Continue reading “Cabarete Icons: Pedro Fernandez”

Cabarete Icons: Ana The Fruit Lady

[imgslider-wrapper] [imgslider imgurl=’’] [imgslider imgurl=’’] [/imgslider-wrapper]Anna: aka “the fruit lady” Anyone who has hung out on Cabarete Beach, or a Villa Taina over the years is sure to remember Ana, the fruit lady. She strolls up and down Cabarete beach every day selling fresh fruit from a big basket that she carries on top of … Continue reading “Cabarete Icons: Ana The Fruit Lady”