The Taino Indians of The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has a long and fascinating history that begins with the Taino Indians. Taino, meaning good or noble in their language, provides a glimpse into their colorful and spiritual lives. Renowned for their beautiful artwork, naturally produced medicine, innovative sporting activities, intricate textiles, jewelry and pottery, the Tainos were incredibly talented and surrounded … Continue reading “The Taino Indians of The Dominican Republic”

5 Tips for Finding Amber on the Beach in Cabarete

[imgslider-wrapper] [imgslider imgurl=’’] [imgslider imgurl=’’] [imgslider imgurl=’’] [/imgslider-wrapper] The North Coast of the Dominican Republic is often referred to as the Amber Coast because of its large amounts of amber deposits. Millions of years ago the conditions for creating amber were perfect thanks to an abundant amount of Hymenaea Protera, an extinct prehistoric leguminous tree, … Continue reading “5 Tips for Finding Amber on the Beach in Cabarete”