Franzi Fix Windsurfing Cabarete 2015

As legend has it, Cabarete was made popular as a world class windsurfing destination back in 1984 by by Canadian Jean Laporte. It was he who spread the word and it didn’t take very long for the quaint fishing town to be transformed into a windsurfers paradise. By 1988 Cabarete was hosting it’s first Professional Windsurfing Association World Cup – and that’s when, what is known as a heyday, began!

Cabarete Windsports Club Today

1989 is when the story of a man named Franz Fix and his windsurfing school, Happy Surfpool, began. Located in the front of what is now Villa Taina, Fix and his partners, who would later split off to open Villa Taina, were some of the first to take advantage of the Cabarete windsurfing frenzy. Back then it was just a little shack on the beach, but as time moved on and Cabarete grew, so did the school. Now it has been open 25 years and these days is called Cabarete Windsports Club.

So, what does this history lesson have to do with anything?? The talented young man featured in this video is Franzi Fix, the 18 year old son of Franz Fix. As one might imagine, Franzi has windsurfing in his blood, so at the ripe old age of 9 Franzi climbed up on the board, hooked into his harness, and began to sail. Fast forward 9 years and Franzi has been on the podium more times than we can count. When we asked him what he expects to do with his life he said, “My plans are to become a professional windsurfer someday, travel around the world and make my country proud.”

Now that Fix is of age, it seems he realizes his future is in his own hands. So, he called on one of his “old time” bodyboarding buddies, 16 year old Joey Ciolko, to make him a video. The result is pretty awesome! But clicker beware, because as with any good watersport video filmed in the Caribbean, there is a full dose of eye candy in the beginning just to make sure you are paying attention. But after you pick your jaw up off the floor you, it will fall back down there again when you see some of the tricks this kid pulls off!


It sure seems like these kids of Cabarete have a bright future in store for them if they stick to their passions and keep up the good work. Personally, we are really proud of these two for coming together to create something awesome.

Joey’s videography services are for hire and you can see more of his work and contact him on his Facebook page Joey Ciolko Arts.