Video Compilation: Time to Get Radical

Cabarete, Dominican Republic is such a totally radical place that it is almost too easy to make a captivating video during ones vacation. But don’t let us take away from the talent showcased in both the action and editing of the following vids posted on Vimeo in the past month. Instead, make sure you press the HD button and turn up the volume…because it is about to awesome in here!

This first video comes to us from Smart Extreme. They describe themselves as “the leading global tour, vacation, and instruction provider specializing in extreme sports.” Since they offer all-inclusive vacations and instruction for extreme sports fans worldwide, we can see why they chose Cabarete as a destination to promote to their fans. It looks like they came to town during the 2015 Master of the Ocean event, and they couldn’t have picked a better time since its one of longest running competitions in Cabarete. Anyhow, sales pitch aside, this video is pretty frikkin’ cool! It incorporates a bunch stunning visuals pumped up with some Matrix-like slow motion effects. All in all this video make you wonder, “How did they do that?!”


Up next is a video from our very own web chick (that’s me, so I will write in first person now). It documents a few days in the life of learning to fly on the flying trapeze at Kaiceitos Circus right here in Cabarete on Kite Beach. I know, crazy, right? In the first 2-hour class we learned 3 basic tricks. Then we went on to “catch” them. My girlfriend and I were so good that we even made a “return” on our first day. A drop-in class is $1200rd, but there are also different packages available. Check out the Kaiceitos Circus website to find out more.


The third video on this month’s list was put together by a kiteboarder named Kelsey Smith. According to his blog post, every yea he and his wife visit Cabarete to take advantage of the perfect conditions. Professionally he is a cinematographer who provides services to clients in his home country of Canada, so it only makes sense that he almost always has a camera hanging around. On this day in particular, he notices 2 of Cabarete’s most talented professional riders, Ariel Corniel and Posito Martinez, out showing off. So, he did what any man is his field would do…hop out of the water, grab a camera, and start filming! This video in particular is pretty cool because it was edited in slow mo. It really shows off how intricate some of the tricks these guys are doing. If you watch any of these tricks in real time, sometimes it is hard to figure out what they heck they just did because it happens so fast.


We don’t know much about the man who posted this last video, but his name is Sebastiano Massimino and he is from Italy. The name of the video is “Mengianu Kizzi”, which according to his description means “sunrise”. Although we don’t know much about Sebastian, we know that the very best place to be during sunrise is Encuentro Beach. Obviously, we are on the same page by the looks of this video. The setting is simply stunning and the surfing is just as fantastic. Oh and the editing ain’t too shabby either.