Horseback Riding in Cabarete

Learn about our favorite horseback riding tours and what you’ll need

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Imagine the sound of the waves lapping onto the sand whilst you’re sat in the saddle taking in all of the spectacular views. That and much more is exactly what horseback riding in Cabarete offers. We’ve outlined our favorite tours and what to expect below. Once you have decided which one sounds best to you, feel free to email us or stop by our guest services desk and we will set it all up for you.

Choosing Your Tour

Whether you’re a happy plodder, love to gallop or are somewhere in between, there is a tour for you. It’s not just the speed you can choose, but also the location. You have the choice of riding along endless golden beaches admiring the turquoise water, or you can meander through tropical jungles dipping in refreshing streams and rivers. What a choice!

Sea Horse Ranch

Located just a 15-minute drive from our hotel, Sea Horse Ranch is the closest of the tours. They offer not only horseback adventures through their dreamy bridlepaths and private beaches but also lessons. The equestrian centre has two menages with a colorful selection of show jumps which you can spot from the road. They offer lessons to all levels including a course for the kids to learn all about horse care.

Iguana Mama Tours

If you can’t decide between the mountains and the beach, why not do both! Iguana Mama offers the ultimate 7-8 hour mountain, river, beach and waterfall tour. This isn’t suitable for beginners, but they also offer a 3 and 6-hour adventure through the lush greenery of the mountains and a dip in the refreshing river. All of these tours include food and beverages. Transport is an optional extra, but don’t worry! We can arrange a taxi for you.

Rancho Luisa y Tommy

Located just 30 minutes down the road in Sabaneta is Rancho Luisa y Tommy. Owner Tommy has lived on his family property most of his life making him incredibly knowledgeable on the area and his horses. Offering a mix of tours from the beach, through the rivers, mountains at sunrise, sunset and even full moon! All 22 horses are well trained for all types of riders so his tours really are suited for all levels. We personally love the sunset ride and once the sun has set behind the trees, you’re joined by the fireflies.

What You Need

So you’ve decided on when and where you’ll be going on your tour, so what do you need? It’s always fun to brighten up the ride with some funky leggings. They not only look great, but they also protect you from the stirrup leathers which can often pinch as your riding. Any long pants will work. Underneath wear a bathing suit or something you don’t mind getting wet as you will probably cool off in the ocean or river. On your feet, we recommend wearing trainers or shoes as flip-flops and sandals can be difficult to keep on your feet. If your tour doesn’t include food and snacks, pack some small change as there will be colmados along the way.

Did we forget to mention your favorite horseback riding tour in Cabarete? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Recently on a horse ride with Rancho Luisa yTommy. Have been a part time resident of Cabarete since 2009 and this excursion was a real experience.The owner went along with 12 of us on a great day trip of several hours ,a great host, helpful to us novices, and a view to behold. There was nothing but us, the streams and small rivers, total peacefulness…Should I do it again Tommy’s ranch
    would be the only place I would go….nick

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