Hotel Villa Taina Featured on Plus TV 2016

For the past eight years, Mabel Andreiny Elena has been showcasing the North Coast of the Dominican Republic in the glossy covered publication, Plus Magazine. Issued once every two months in both English and Spanish, the magazine was the first to cover tourism news on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic through the use of interesting articles, high-quality photography, and a beautiful layout.

Thanks to the success of the printed magazine, for the past two years, Mabel and her team have been producing a television program called Plus TV. The weekly program airs on local Canal 3 every Saturday at 6 pm and re-airs Sundays at 1 pm. Although the magazine has always focused on tourism, the television broadcast also covers current events.

In this episode of Plus TV, our 20th Anniversary Party is the topic, and we are so thankful that Mabel and crew were on location to participate in the celebration.


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