Posito Martinez: When Cabarete Kids Grow Up

Back in 2008, kiteboarding was in its heyday here in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Only one year after Ariel Corniel made history by becoming the first ever Domininican PKRA Champion in 2007, history was made again when rider Kevin Langeree became the first rider ever to win the Cabarete PKRA World Cup twice in 2008. All of this buzz became a seed that was planted in the hearts of many tiny riders in Cabarete. One of those riders was 13 year old Posito Martinez. This 10 minute video shows off the stellar skills of the young showoff. Yes, the video is a little long, but it’s cool to see what the waters and riders of Cabarete were up to back in 2008.

7 years later and that tiny heart of is the size of a lion! Martinez has been doing his part to show the world how Cabarete throws down in the current version of the Pro Kiteboarding World Tour (PKRA), now called the Virgin Kitesurfing World Championship (VKWC). Posito has been traveling the world for a few years now thanks to the generous support he receives from his sponsor DaSilva Kiteoarding International. And although he spends most of his time on the tour or training in Poland with the owners of DaSilva, he still passes through Cabarete once in a while to share the tricks of the trade he has learned with the up and coming riders of Kite Beach, who look up to him like a hero. His newest video is pretty inspirational…especially when you put it next to the dreams of that same hero when he was just 13 years old.

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