Prices in Cabarete: How Much Money Do I Need For My Vacation?

Prices in Cabarete:

How Much Money Do I Need For My Vacation?

Whether you plan on traveling to Cabarete on a strict budget or with a sky’s the limit attitude, you can vacation here for USD $20 or USD $100 per day. It all depends on you. In this article we give some general prices of food, excursions, and keepsakes. Hopefully it helps you plan accordingly.

General Prices in Cabarete

How Much Money Do I Need In Cabarete?

The Dominican Republic is a favorite travel destination firstly because of its beauty and culture, and secondly because it’s inexpensive to get to from most parts of the world. Compared to the western cost of living, the DR is cheap. However, when you compare it to other small towns in the Dominican Republic, you’ll find Cabarete can cost a tad more. Prices vary in our part of the country because we have a community of expats from all over the world, long-term visitors, and of course local Dominicans. This mezcla (Spanish for mix) adds to the magic of our cosmopolitan barrio.

Cost of Food and Drinks in Cabarete

Delicious Food in Cabarete at Hotel Villa Taina

Food cost in Cabarete is a great example of how much prices can vary in this town. A Dominican restaurant in the Callejon sells a huge plate of rice, beans, and chicken for $125rd ($2.60usd). You can also go to Cabarete Beach for French baby lobster in cream sauce with pasta for $30usd. What’s important to know is most restaurants in Cabarete serve breakfast, lunch, or dinner, for less than $10usd.

The best way to save cash is knowing the specials in town. For example, our own restaurant Serenade has a daily breakfast buffet for only $10usd. Wednesday night is our legendary all-you-can-eat Mongolian Grill (all-you-can-eat dessert, too). As if that wasn’t enough, on Fridays we have a Shrimp and Lobster special.

We are on a tropical island, so obviously local fruits and vegetables are one of the best things you can buy when traveling to Cabarete a budget. Anything imported will naturally be a bit more expensive.

Here are a few random prices from the supermarket (based on 48rd/1usd exchange rate):

  • Coconut 50rd ($1usd)
  • Banana is 5rd ($0.10usd)
  • Broccoli 1lbs – 30rd ($0.62usd)
  • Tomatoes 1lbs – 20rd ($0.42usd)
  • Loaf of bread – 60rd ($1.25usd)
  • 1 egg 5rd ($0.10usd)
  • Bottle of water – 20oz 15rd ($0.31usd)
  • Small bag of chips 25rd ($0.52usd)

As you can see, food is inexpensive, and so is alcohol. We make rum and beer in the Dominican Republic, so a rum cocktail or a large beer of 12oz will cost 100rd ($2 usd) at most Cabarete bars and nightclubs. We have a two-for-one Happy Hour everyday at Serenade from 5pm-7pm.

Things To Do In Cabarete

Kitesurfing in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

There are lots of fun excursions and activities on the North coast. Examples include a lazy river float, waterfall trips, snorkeling, canyoning, mountain biking, monkey jungle, zip lines, cave exploring, and so much more. Most excursions are day trips and include transport, food, and often alcohol in the price. These tours range from $40- $100usd per person.

Of course, we highly recommend taking part in all the activities available for you right here at Villa Taina. Enjoy a spa experience at Tranqulia Spa, learn windsurfing, kitesurfing, or surfing with Cabarete Windsports Club, work out at our gym or take a yoga class (free for guests), play a game of volleyball on our beach.

When planning your trip and setting your budget, feel free to contact our Guest Services about the prices for activities that interest you.

Souvenirs in Cabarete

Amber found on the beach in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Hopefully, you’ve spent all your money making memories! But if you have some dinero left to bring your jealous co-workers and family members back a souvenir, there are plenty of cool things to buy in Cabarete. Many shops along the street sell the typical Dominican gifts like towels, jewelry, and clothes. Most of what you can buy is sold for less than $20usd. Higher dollar items will be handmade and unique to the Dominican Republic like hammocks, statues, and precious stones. Most of street vendors are open to negotiations. So, if you don’t see a price on something, the price is more than likely flexible.

Our jewelry shop Yocahu sells high-quality, one of a kind pieces made from our local precious stones amber and larimar. Also, Villa Taina hosts an artisan market where local artists show their art, keepsakes, and jewelry, definitely a perfect gift for someone you care about – like yourself 🙂 Follow Villa Taina on Facebook to stay up to date with times and dates for the market.

Let us know your tips to saving money in Cabarete in the comments below.

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