Scuba Diving Near Cabarete in the Dominican Republic

Scuba Diving Near Cabarete

Discover the underwater world of the Dominican Republic.

Diving Near Cabarete

underwater photography by Bill Passmore

Cabarete woos travelers from all corners of the globe with its secluded golden beaches, luxurious greenery and exotic nature. The underwater world leaves us in just as much, if not more in awe with its dreamy shades of blues, sea gardens and colorful ocean life. In this article, we delve a little deeper into scuba diving near Cabarete.

Scuba Dive Conditions near Cabarete

Cabarete and the surrounding areas offer incredible year round diving conditions. The water temperature averages 26-29°C whilst the air temperatures sit around 26-28°C, so you can leave the thick neoprene at home. For those deeper dives, a 3mm wetsuit will keep you toasty. The best time of year to dive is during summer, from May through to September. This is due to the calmer sea conditions keeping water visibility high at around 35m. The calmer ocean also means less current making dives a lot less energy taxing so you can focus on enjoying the views. Winter time is our surf season so we often have larger waves which reduce visibility and strengthen currents. Often large swells can most vast amounts of sand revealing new underwater adventures.

Dive Locations Near Cabarete

Whether you’re looking to do your first dive or explore something exciting and completely new, there is a diverse range of locations all offering different challenges.

Diving in Sosua

We’ll start off with Sosua since it is just a 15 minute drive from our hotel and has a nice variety of dives suiting both beginners and more experienced divers all in one place. With a gently sloping sandy decline, beginners can practice their skills before heading out to explore deeper waters. First timers are able to dive to a depth of 6m which doesn’t sound like much, but you will see an abundance of colorful fish, reefs and corals.

For the slightly more experienced divers, 3 Rocks aka Tres Rocas offers is a popular dive spot offering depths of 18m and more. Here you can see the coral rejuvenation project, reefs, fish, seahorse, eagle rays, turtles, barracuda and sometimes even dolphin! Because the dive spots are located in the bay of Sosua, the waters remain sheltered with high water visibility year round. You can also night dive here to make it even more interesting and spot some lobster and moray eels.

Diving at the Blue Lagoon Caverns aka Laguna El Dudu in Cabrera

If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous and exciting, then the Blue Lagoon caverns are for you. You are required to be a qualified diver for this tour as it includes diving through tunnels that link one lagoon to the other. It is a freshwater sinkhole making visibility consistently excellent so it’s easy to spot the fish, eels and shrimp that live amongst the trees strewn across the bottom. This location is a scenic 1:30 hour drive along the coast and makes for a beautiful day out as it is located on a nature reserve.

Diving at the Airport Wall in Puerto Plata

The Airport Wall in Puerto Plata is one of the most talked about locations amongst the scuba community. It’s located alongside Puerto Plata’s airport wall and is covered in coral gardens with swim-through caverns and tunnels. The wall starts as shallow as 5m and drops down to 26m plus. The scenery is truly spectacular and amongst all the fish, you can spot eagle rays and reef sharks. This location is best done in the morning with minimal wind and waves.

Diving at the Zingara Wreck in Sosua

The Zingara Wreck in Sosua is a must for those experienced divers. This old 45m long cargo freighter used to transport fruit and coffee around the Caribbean. It was salvaged in Puerto Plata 20 years ago and was purposely sunk for a coral, fish and dive wonderland. It is one of the shallower wrecks sitting in just 36m of water with the mooring line passing through the chimney into the stern and engine room. There is plenty of sea life and corals living in and amongst the wreck to admire making it one of the most exhilarating dives.

Scuba Dive Schools Near Cabarete

All of the dive schools are located down at Sosua Beach and offer tours, dive courses and snorkel rental. You can also find these tours through adventure tour operators like Iguana Mama. We recommend checking that the centre is affiliated with PADI and offers insurance.

Keep your eyes peeled for treasure on your dives! Find out more about treasure hunting in Cabarete with local icon Eric Hertsons.

Which was your favorite diving tour near Cabarete? Let us know in the comments below.

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