4 Stunning Places To Watch The Sunset Near Cabarete

Everyone loves a dreamy sunset. No two sunsets are ever the same, and that’s probably what makes them so captivating. Here in Cabarete, we get all the colors from soft cotton candy to burning fire. Since we are such good hosts, we are happy to share our sunset spot secrets with you.

Here are some ideas on where to catch a glimpse of that enchanting orange ball in the sky that makes our collective hearts melt.

Restaurant Serenade – Villa Taina Hotel – Cabarete Bay

Cabarete Bay Sunset

You don’t even need to venture far from our hotel to have a stunning view in Cabarete. Right on our beachfront, you can watch the sun descend into the ocean from our own Restaurant Serenade. The sun sets between 7pm and 8pm throughout summer in DR, perfect timing to appreciate dinner with an excellent view.

Kite Beach – Cabarete

Kite Beach Sunset

Sunset kite sessions are the best! We are lucky here since the wind often stays until the evening, granting kitesurfers the opportunity to experience kite surfing in a whole different light. Watch the silhouettes of fellow kiters float through the sky as its color switches from azure to crimson to vibrant purple.

TIP: Make sure you plan for this in advance, especially if you’re renting gear or using the storage rooms because you might have to make it back to the school before it closes.

Perla Marina – Cabarete

Perla Marina Sunset

Just a few minutes drive from the center of Cabarete is a small gated community called Perla Marina. Inside Perla Marina is an oasis called Natura Cabana and it has a nice bar where you can grab a cocktail before you head out to the beach to be amazed. Just tell the security guards you are heading there and they will gladly let you in with a smile. Once you have your cocktail in hand, we suggest walking to the beach, making a left, and walking 200 meters to the “point” where you will find a bench and a 180-degree view of the ocean.

Playa Alicia – Sosua

Playa Alicia Sunset

If you’re looking for a slight change of scenery, head on over to the neighboring town of Sosua where you will find the golden sand and serene waters of Playa Alicia a.k.a “The Miracle Beach.” Thanks to Mother Nature, this beach was formed over the last decade as sand miraculously appeared. This beach is a little more private, so it is a beautiful place to have a picnic and maybe a bottle of wine.

TIP: Bring a couple of towels in case you decide to go for a dip.

These are just a few of our favorite places to watch the sunset near Cabarete, but we would love to hear about yours. Share your favorite sunset spots in the comments.

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