Things You Can Pack To Become A More Sustainable Tourist

You’ve probably noticed everyone is talking sustainable travel. But what does that really mean? Essentially, it means working harder to enrich the destinations we go to rather than leaching from them. It means learning about them and from them. It means being ultra conscious about how we impact these beautiful destinations we travel to, and also the environment around us.

Here is our guide on things you can pack to make your Cabarete vacation a more sustainable one.

Spanish Phrase Book

Cabarete is oozing at the seams with culture, so it’s quite easy to immerse yourself in it during your stay. You can start by making an effort to speak the language. This shows you respect the locals and it won’t go unappreciated. Trust us. You don’t have to be fluent to give it a go. You can even contribute to the local society and practice at the same time by shopping at local markets and other local businesses.

Tip: Spanish is a musical language, so don’t be afraid to “sing” when you speak.

Reusable Water Bottle

This might seem like a hard task since the tap water in Cabarete is not potable. However, there are still opportunities in which you can fill your bottle, you just have to become more aware. Ask in restaurants and bars to have your bottle filled. Several places in Cabarete, like Claro Cafe, are serving up clean filtered water and they will be happy to fill your container for you. When the people see you are making an effort to save the planet, you will always receive a grateful response.

Another option is buying a bottle with a built-in water filter.

One last idea is buying a 5-gallon bottle (botellon in Spanish) that you can refill and return before you leave. It’s 100 rd for the deposit and 50 pesos for the water. It’s pretty much a great deal.

No matter what, even if you manage to reduce your plastic bottle usage by half during your holiday, it’s 100% still worth it.

Reusable Shopping Bag

One thing you will notice when you come to Cabarete is there are tons of fruit and veggie stands and trucks all around town. The only problem is the plastic bags they give to carry your fresh goodies in. The solution for this is so easy since it weighs virtually nothing to pack a few reusable cloth bags in your luggage.

Not so fun fact: Reducing your use of plastic bags can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Plastic bags and petroleum are intrinsically linked. About 8% to 10% of our total oil supply goes to making plastic.

Travel Mug

The Dominican Republic and coffee are almost synonymous. So you are bound to have at least a cup, or five, per day during your stay. So why not bring a travel mug with you? Hand it over the counter in any of the local shops, and ask them to fill ‘er up. This reduces your waste and single-use plastic. Coffee just doesn’t taste right from a styrofoam cup anyway.

Metal Straw

Many cafes here in Cabarete have already stopped providing customers with plastic straws. Here at Villa Taina we are using biodegradable straws. What’s the harm in bringing your own metal straw with you? There are so many on the market today, and they cost almost nothing. Pop it in your handbag or even attach to a key chain. So simple!

There are many more actions you can take to be a more sustainable tourist during your next visit to Cabarete. Try picking up at least 2 pieces of plastic every time you visit one of our beaches. Use any travel brochures or maps during your stay? Return them to where you got them for the next person to use!

As the saying goes: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle. Tell us some of your ideas for making travel more sustainable in the comments.

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