Three Days in Cabarete, Dominican Republic – An Itinerary

Here’s just one sample itinerary for three fantastic days in Awesome-town

Welcome to Cabarete, Dominican Republic. In this town, we worship the sun, wind, and ocean. We believe in good vibes and fun times. There is a beautiful mix of locals, visitors, and transplants, which makes dinner outings and dance parties very refreshing and stimulating. The sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking, and you will find a way to savor every single second in between them. And just in case you want an idea of how you can actually fill your time, we have planned a three-day itinerary in Cabarete, Dominican Republic  We hope you find it useful.

Day One:

Yoga in Cabarete

On your first day, you will probably want to take it easy and get settled in. Even though we are not all-inclusive, our hotel has everything you need right on the property (spa, restaurant, windsports school, yoga).

It’s nice to start the day with a little beachfront yoga. So grab your mat and head to our open-air yoga loft for some morning stretches, meditation, and good vibes.

After yoga, it’s time for brekkie! The breakfast buffet at our on-site restaurant Serenade is famous in Cabarete. It is available to both hotel guests and the public. So feel free to drop in even if you aren’t staying at the hotel. Here is a summary of what you will find on our buffet: hot Dominican coffee, tea, fresh, natural tropical juice, a variety of bread, oatmeal, tons of fresh tropical fruit and vegetables, deli meats and cheeses, hot breakfast meats and potatoes, and made to order crepe and omelets (and more). The buffet is open 7 – 10 am, so you feel free to come early or sleep in.

Now that you are stuffed you might need a little digestion break. This is an excellent time to grab a towel and head to the beach for a bit of relaxation. Instead of umbrellas, we have these cute little palm trees that we use for natural shade. In fact, we hand-planted them ourselves over 20 years ago for this exact reason. We have always thought that they are prettier and more durable than umbrellas.

So now you are all rested up and ready to tackle some light activity. Cabarete Bay is a lovely place to paddle around in a kayak before the wind picks up in the afternoon. Our on-site windsports school rent kayaks for only $10 for the day to guests of Hotel Villa Taina.

After working up a little appetite, you can stay in theme with an easy first day and enjoy our daily “surfer’s special” at our restaurant Serenade.

After lunch, the wind is picking up, and you might be feeling the need to step it up a notch. We know we said you will probably want to take it easy for your first day, but then again….you’ll likely feel inspired to start flying once you see the kiteboarders jumping up to the clouds. So for the rest of the day, you will be busy learning to kiteboard at our windsports school, Cabarete Windsports Club. Your first 3 hours will consist of flying the kite on the beach in preparation for flying it while in the water during your next few lessons.

Now you are probably exhausted and need a drink. Thank goodness it is happy hour at our restaurant Serenade from 5-7 pm.

Day Two:

Read the Cabarete Spot Guide by IKSURF MAG

Now you are in the Cabarete spirit, which means you are feeling adventurous. So wake up at sunrise and head 5 minutes down the road to playa Encuentro for a surf lesson! Surfing is an energizing way to start the day, and we can arrange everything for you.

After you are finished shredding the gnar, you will for sure be hungry. Just at the end of the road from the surf beach is El Encuentro Surf Lodge where they serve a delicious fresh breakfast for a great deal. The Lodge is the place where all the surfers meet up post surf, so it’s the perfect place to discuss plans for the evening.

Again time for some relaxation under the palm trees.

Once the wind kicks up, it’s time for your second day of kiteboarding lessons! Today you will be heading to the water for three hours with your new found kite flying skills.

Now it’s time for your post-kite happy hour drink. Which leads into happy hour drinks and dinner at Mojito Bar just down the beach. That’s where you will meet your surfer friends from your morning surfer session, drink 2-for-1 mojitos, and eat Italian sandwiches.

Once you are feeling in the groove, it’s an excellent time to head off to Lax/Ojo for the evening to dance Bachata. Bachata is both music and dance that originated in the Dominican Republic, so it is the very best place to partake in dancing with the locals.

Day Three:

Minky Jungle Dominican Republic

Time for a short morning road trip before the wind kicks up. Up in the mountains, just about 30 minutes away is a nature sanctuary called Monkey Jungle. Which begs the question, “Have you ever had a monkey on your head?” If the answer is no, start getting pumped because after you do some light hiking and ziplining, you are going to feed tiny monkey from your hand, and they will 100% run all over you and end up on top of your head to eat their fruit and seeds.

Rest. Palm Trees. No more explanation needed.

A trip to Cabarete wouldn’t be a trip to Cabarete if you didn’t go to Gordito’s Fresh Mex located in the Ocean Dream Plaza. The food is super fresh and also fast! So you will have plenty of time to eat, digest, and relax before your last day of kiteboarding lessons.

It’s 2 pm, and the wind is howling! Time for your third day of kite lessons where you will have the opportunity to put all of your skills from the last two days together and RIDE!

Whew! That was fun. You probably feel like you deserve to celebrate your well-earned kiteboarding skills. After three days of lessons, your body could use some TLC at the spa. Our on-site spa, Tranquila, offers up a luxurious menu of massages, facials, mani-pedis, and more.

Happy Hour! Maybe a little tipsy beach volleyball with the locals on the beach in front of the hotel???

Since it is your last day, it’s probably a good idea to stay close to home and wind down. So dinner at restaurant Serenade is a perfect way to end your trip.

We hope this three-day itinerary gives you some insight into how you can spend your time while you are here in Cabarete. Keep in mind, there are literally at least a hundred things you can do to fill your days. We are happy to help you plan anything your little adventurous heart desires. So feel free to contact our guest services department, and they will listen to your wants and needs and help you plan your perfect Cabarete vacation.

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