Why Cabarete Is Perfect for Solo Travelers

Cabarete, Dominican Republic is home to some of the worlds most stunning beaches, an array of watersports, and a whole stack of other activities. But did you know that Cabarete is also an amazing destination for people who choose to travel solo? Read on to find out why Cabarete is a great destination for the independent nomad!

Easy public transit:

photo by Jürgen Warschun

The main road that runs through Cabarete and connects the town to neighboring Sosua and Sabaneta has buses called ‘gua-guas’ and ‘carritos’ or public cars that run from 5am until the wee hours of the morning. This is the most economical way to get around, and not only will you save your hard earned pesos for adventuring, but you will be rubbing shoulders with the locals. This is a great chance to practice your Spanish, and find out a little bit about the local culture! If you prefer a faster from of transportation, ‘moto- conchos’ (aka motorcycle taxis) are another great way to get around. For between 50 and 100 pesos, you can catch a lift anywhere in town on the back of a moto. Just flag one down from anywhere the main road!

Everything is close to the beach:


Everything in Cabarete is built walking distance to the beach. If you feel like exploring, it is a leisurely 30 minute walk to kite beach from Cabarete along the sand, and you will see all sorts of people out walking their dogs, running, catching some waves or playing volleyball. Don’t be surprised if you get dragged into a game or chatted up on the beach, remember, this is the Caribbean! Cabarete has a very open and inclusive vibe to it, perfect for when you’re on your own. One quick stroll through town or along the beach and you will see why so many independent travelers return year after year!

Active night life:


If you think Cabarete is magical during the day time, just wait until the tunes start bumpin’ and everyone comes out dancing for the night! Cabarete LOVES to dance, and the beach transforms from relaxing sun drenched cafe strip during the day to a seriously happening party at night. Tons of locals, expats and tourists hit the hot spots on the beach after dark to dance the night away to Salsa, Bachata and other spicy Caribbean tunes. If you are traveling on your own, try hitting up Mojito Bar or Voyvoy for live music and snacks, there are always lots of cool people to chat with and Voyvoy usually plays great surf videos. Then, as the night progresses, move on to Lax/Ojo, one of the local hot spots on the beach to dance and listen to music. By that time in the night, guaranteed you will have a posse of new friends.

Tons of classes:


Aside from the gym and yoga loft at our hotel, Cabarete has TONS of great classes like kickboxing, crossfit and circus. Whatever flavor of exercise you prefer, you can find a class for it in Cabarete. Check out “Everything Cabarete” on Facebook, a very active community page that can be very helpful for solo travelers, and you will get a great idea of some of the activities and classes that are taking place during your vacation. Our favorite? Kickboxing classes at Rogue Gym which is an open air, thatched roof gym right next to Kite Beach.

Great cafes:


You can’t throw a rock without hitting a great cafe in Cabarete. In addition to our beachfront restaurant Serenade, the town is home to more delicious bakeries, coffee shops and breakfast joints than you will know what to do with! There is a great community of expats who you will meet sipping batidas (Spanish for smoothies/shakes) and doing computer work anywhere there is wifi. In fact, the cafes in Cabarete have a great vibe and solo travelers will have no problem finding people to talk to and hang out with! Our favorites? Fresh Fresh, Claro Cafe, and Vitamin D Cafe.